Sophie Johnson-Pyatt

Highly influenced by the human body and its materiality, my work often consists of abject depictions of this imagery. My work is sculpture based, working with materials such as latex, flour, cotton, papier-mâché, paints and pigments. I like to play with creating the notion of discomfort and unfamiliarity for myself and anyone on looking. I often find that when viewing work, I look for a piece of comfort to cling on to; a way for me to be able to relate to the work. I enjoy working with the notion of abjection, as challenging perceptions is part of my process. In my most recent works, I want there to be this element of familiarity and confusion. You are able to see what the basic concept of the work is, however ambiguity is a large element of the work. This is where my work allows itself to be open to interpretation, as the purpose of the work often varies depending on where it is displayed. Recent works have explored the juxtaposition between the abject and the everyday object, and how these objects can be perceived differently when taken away from their usual purpose and context.