Mark Nikulin

I started using creative digital software once I became interested in the digital animations which were used for Adult Swim programs and many other short renderings that are available anywhere on social media. I found that by using animation and media editing programs, I was able to express myself most effectively as the digital space offers me the freedom to realise my ideas best. Therefore, this medium has become my primary choice for creating my artworks. The process consists of creating three-dimensional shapes using a digital sculpting software. The sculpting is entirely intuitive and makes the objects appear formless and harsh. I continue by using the digital painting tools to create freehand drawings of faces and symbols to add loose and chaotic character to the pieces. In some works, I experiment with displaying digital patterns and materials onto the three-dimensional objects to explore how they function outside of their intended space. For example, such as projecting an image of the sky onto a rocky surface or applying smooth porcelain textures to soft appearing objects. The individual works are displayed through repeating turntable videos which appear as never ending. The reason for displaying a rotating digital object for an extended time is to try to see the piece as a digital sculpture rather than a moving image. Currently the work has become more focused on the space surrounding the digital objects. I am exploring ways of creating a digital world around the sculptures to enhance the presence of the digital space and to find ways to see beyond the screen. By combining the digital three-dimensional objects with the films and images found on the internet, I intend to spark a conversation between the digital spaces and reality as the line between the two can sometimes appear blurred.