Ellie Ramsey-Blyth

The alarm sounds. We roll over and check our phones. Do I have any new emails? How many likes did my recent Instagram post get? Do I have any new messages? Most of us are constantly immersed in technology from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, but do we fully understand how much it knows about us and how additive technology in mainstream media culture is becoming?

As screen usage soars, we are becoming more and more dependent upon the loneliness of our screens, so much so that we are detached from others, confusing ‘followers’ with ‘friends’ and staring into the one way glass.

Through paint, I am exploring the contemporary condition of the abstraction from the world of the senses to that of the digital and informational; The collision of human reality and consciousness with technology. I am using paint to bridge the world of traditional art and media culture to that of the digital and technological. The bridge links the fluidity and creative chaos of paint to the fixed and controlled nature of technology. This flux allows us to take a step back and view our relationship with technology from another perspective.

Portraits from behind the screen. Staring into empty eyes. Playing with the artificial light, shrouding the figure in darkness.