LIFETIME FASHION: Events showcasing couture skills that re-define clothing

Bespoke Tailoring

Oliver Haus & Lucas Chaillou, Bespoke Tailoring 

21 Apr – 5 May 2023
Wed–Fri, 12–4pm

The Boar's Head Playhouse → Venue Info



An exhibition and skill sessions funded by the Aldgate Community Fund and hosted by Streets of Growth.

The exhibition showcases skills taught on the BA Fashion course at London Metropolitan University, and invites you to take part in Skills Sessions to be held over the Summer, in Aldgate.

Our BA Fashion course advocates for LIFETIME FASHION - clothing that draws on the experience of highly skilled craftsmanship to produce well-made objects, that have lifetimes of use.

We will share our appreciation of clothing's true worth (rather than just its cost) through introduction, demonstration and sharing of craftsperson skills during the skills sharing sessions.

If you would like to take part in the Summer skills sessions, please tell us here about your experience and interests. 


Rania Krishnan, Corsetry 


Neve Carter, Draping 


Oliver Haus, Leather Work 


Tailoring refers to a clothing item that is custom-fitted for the wearer. Tailors are responsible for constructing, altering, repairing, or modifying garments for customers based on their specifications, needs, and preferences.

An introductory tailoring workshop would typically teach hand-sewing techniques. 


Corsetry involves the making of corsets, and garments that aim to shape the body - through structural elements like boning and lacing. An introductory workshop would teach structural techniques for corsets. 


Draping, or modelling, on the stand is a creative pattern cutting technique that involves creating shape with fabric directly onto the mannequin. This is a more 3d approach to traditional pattern cutting techniques. An introductory draping workshop would typically result in a garment ready to be developed into a pattern. 


Leather work, also known as leather craft, is the practice of making leather (animal skins) into clothing items or other products, using molding, dyeing, carving, embossing, and fabrication techniques. An introductory workshop would teach sample leather techniques. 

Venue Info

21 Apr – 5 May 2023
The Boar's Head Playhouse
Streets of Growth
6 Middlesex Street
London E1 7EX