CREATURE presents
Making Matters 3.0


18–26 Apr 2024

School of Art, Architecture and Design → Venue Info

The third iteration of Making Matters presents aspects of interdisciplinary practice and research activities in the creative arts, by staff in London Metropolitan University, under the umbrella of CREATURE (The Centre for Creative Arts, Cultures and Engagement).

Making is an integral aspect for comprehending research. Derived from the Latin com- (together) and prehendere (to grasp), to comprehend suggests a hands-on engagement which involves physical/material properties and incidences of action, the literal grasping of stuff which is steered by ‘what happens if …’ scenarios.

Making communicates in ways that language cannot. Not yet knowing, wrestling with the ‘almost there’ or ‘almost visible’ are vital stages of the research process. This state of rawness and vulnerability is a valuable pedagogical tool, which guides not only the participants’ research but also their teaching within and across the various disciplines represented in Making Matters 3.0.

Making matters is curated by Simone ten Hompel
With special thanks to Naomi Groves
Photography: Yiannis Katsaris

Contributing Artists and Researchers

Adeyemi Akande
Ektoras Arkomanis
Manuela Barczewski
Kieron Baroutchi
James Cant
Sara Carneholm Mytowski
Chiara Cola
Karen Coughlan
Ania Dabrowska
Emily Evans
George Fereday
Irina Georgescu
James Hunting
Samantha Johnston
Yiannis Katsaris
Joseph Kohlmaier
Angharad Lewis
Simone Maier
Kaye Newman
Gina Pierce
Michael Upton
Heidi Yeo

Venue Info

18–26 Apr 2024
School of Art, Architecture and Design
London Metropolitan University
Calcutta House
Old Castle Street
London E1 7NT