Lida Franco


This is a proposal for southern Italy in the Calabria area, considered one of the poorest in

the country, with a high degree of depopulation and one of the main gateways for refugees

and immigrants from Africa and Asia.

The main reason for depopulation is lack of work, places of study and opportunities. In the

search to improve the standard of living, the new generations move to the big cities.

Ironically, these are the same reasons that attract immigrants with the difference, that people

who arrive in Italy have lost everything and have had terrible experiences to reach Europe.

My proposal has the strategy of promoting the cultivation of small farms, going back to the

roots with the new sustainable technology, increasing and teaching the arts, crafts and

traditions that are currently knowledge that only the elderly possess and tend to disappear,

being forgotten.

All these proposals will create sources of work and opportunities, not only for immigrants but

also for new generations, including the elderly population that will transmit their knowledge

through arts and crafts. Occupying abandoned buildings and using public spaces that are no

longer in use.