Liveness 2020

Unit 6 – Arrival City
Postgraduate Architecture

Liveness 2020 (Archive)

Students discussing Unit 6; Emily Hinchliffe, Hosn Houssami, Bruce French, Isabelle Berre, Emily Gayer, Lida Franco

Borders and Boundaries

This year Unit 06 focused on the contribution that architecture can make to the integration of refugees into a host community. Students were based in three different cities: Athens, Greece; Calabria, Italy; or Freetown, Sierra Leone. All three are migrant gateways and transitional settlements for the uprooted.

Form and familiarity are linked together in place, adding to a feeling of confidence in being there, and contributing a sense of belonging. Conversely, if form is not recognised or appears alien residents are left with a sense of alarm, of the uncanny where the unexpectedly awful might happen. It may seem ironic, therefore, that Athens, where concepts of citizenship were first explored in ancient theatre, and Calabria, a historic crossroad of multiplying cultures, should be the setting where we attempted to fit order and meaning into place at a time when familiar notions of EU citizenship are under existential threat.

Projects were carried out with optimism, with the creative interplay between the energy of the students and the residents’ ongoing act of dwelling generating a valuable and meaningful architectural discourse around engagement with the opportunities and responsibilities available within civic topography.

Students discussing Thought on Lockdown; Emily Hinchliffe, Hosn Houssami, Bruce French, Isabelle Berre, Emily Gayer, Lida Franco

Borders and Boundaries Site Investigations

Borders and Boundaries Studio Research

AaronChan_Openingbelmonte_Header.jpg Aaron Chan

Opening bel monte

BruceFrench_Cookingpot_Header.jpg Bruce French

Cooking pot

EmilyGayer_Terraferma_Header.jpg Emily Gayer


EmilyHinchliffe_Sambahighstreet_Header.jpg Emily Hinchliffe

Samba high street

HarryHughes_Reinhabitathens_Header.jpg Harry Hughes

Rein habit athens

HosnHoussami_Feastonsamba_Header.jpg Hosn Houssami

Feast on samba

IsabelleBerre_Modernagora_Header.jpg Isabelle Berre

Modern agora

KimKiteculo_Klinsalone_Header.jpg Kim Kiteculo

Klin salone

LidaFranco_Smalleconomies_Header.jpg Lida Franco

Small economies

MaiiaSivtseva_Civicengagement_Header.jpg Maiia Sivtseva

Civic engagement

NatilaKazi_Placeforintegration_Header.jpg Natila Kazi

Place for integration

PaulaBarea_Crossingcultures_Header (1).jpg Paula Barea

Crossing cultures

SepandarKeyvan_Intergratedcommunities_Header.jpg Sepandar Keyvan

Intergrated communities

MariaPetro_Honeyandmarmalade_Header.jpg Maria Petro

Honey and marmalade

PriyankaDapodikar _Urbanrehabilitation_Header.jpg Priyanka Dapodikar

Urban rehabilitation

AdamCheltsov_Makinginfrastructure_Header.jpg Adam Cheltsov

Making infrastructure

Calabria - Mendicino presentation