Natila Kazi


The projects site is located in Kerameikos in Athens Greece. The place has different tip of

buildings like polykatkia and neoclassical. Not far from the place there is victory square

where most of the refugees stay. We had the opportunity to meet NGO like "Melissa" who

help refuge and immigrate woman and children to integrate with new peoples. They also

offer a program like languages course, acting, poetry, and art. My idea for this project is to

create a space with theater and cinema: here refugees and Greek people can come together

and share their stories, they can discuss and talk about themselves and have a cultural

exchange. My project also included a library and workshop space where refugees can

express their creativity like handcrafting, painting, etc. it also included having a place for the

workshop of cinema, workshop of painting and handcraft.

The cultural place can help people to challenge prejudice and misconceptions. It will create

an understanding between refugees and Greek people. It will also develop self-confidence,

presentation skills, language and communication skill that will help them in the future.

Theatre can build self-esteem, create a new friendship and help to create a road for a new