Maiia Sivtseva


Evaluating Collaborative Architectural Making as a Tool for Provoking Civic Placemaking Initiatives in

Yakutsk, North-Eastern Siberia

The way in which the Yakutian settlements has expanded and developed through time, has been

affected by the continuous permafrost landscape and the extreme climate of the Subarctic, the

socio-cultural context of its indigenous people and the Russian incursion. Nowadays, the changing

socio-cultural context of Yakutia requires a new approach in civic place design to address the issues

of the place.

The research methodology includes: studies of the urban features and issues of Yakutsk and Lensk

cities, development of a map of tendencies and possibilities; the development of imaginative spatial

strategies for civic space design; studies of the history of participatory design in Yakutia; tests of the

findings through collaborative design and hands-on making case studies; analysis of the processes

and outcomes to evaluate the new approach.

The results of the research might lead to the evaluation of participatory placemaking as an urban

design tool and its potential impact in creating civic spaces in the Sakha Republic that can be further

used in the other regions of the Subarctic and places that experience Arctic climate conditions.