Bruce French


From the research I have obtained within Athens it is apparent that there is a common theme

of street cooking amongst locals, refugees and NGO’s. Moreover, there is also an estimated

300,000 unused buildings within Athens that came to fruition through the financial crisis. The

Greek government also does not provide any social housing within the area for those who

are in need. The brief within this project will look at a phased strategy which will look at firstly

providing a civic space in the form of a communal kitchen for NGOs and charities to

encourage integration through the means of food. Later the project will integrate social

housing into the scheme, with an accompanying tower, where residents will be able to

socialise, stay and also work within the kitchen in return. The early phases of the project look

to incorporate a bottom up approach where the refugee and local community can be

involved within the construction. Furthermore, the scheme looks at agreements with

landlords to provide temporary accommodation that can be removed if needed; that

occupies the abandoned Polykatikia. The scheme spans over a negotiated 30-year time

period with the building’s owners. During this time period a proposal for a tower has been

drafted that improves circulation around the site and adds to the civic spaces within the

scheme. Following the narrative, the tower could be accepted or not by the owners of the

site. To improve negotiation, the tower has been designed using cost effective and

vernacular materials that allow the space to be altered in the future if the site’s occupation

was to change after the initial 30-year agreement has ended.