Liveness 2020

This is me

Liveness 2020 (Archive)

The first Formats module task is called “This is me” students are given an A6 book and asked to interpret the words in a way that best communicates themselves to their peers. The book must be filled in any way the students wish, they can deconstruct or reform using any media they choose. This brief helps introduce students to their peers and sets a precedent for their creative practice.

Selection from A6 books

Row 1: Helen Masha, Hayley Savage, Diana Pop, Leonie Rogge, Giacomo Grande, Michael Hazely, Ashling Fidler, Bethany White, Brian de Jesus Valero, Andy Ooi

Row 2: Jemma Andrews, Hayley Savage, Diana Pop, Ashling Fidler, Teodora Cord, Sofia Nunez, Susan Hein, Sofia Nunez, Vicky Watts, Caroline Ribiero da Silva

Row 3:Julita Cluz, Lucy Clancy, Christian Golumbeanu, Sofia Nunez, Doina Pituscan, Maria Marina Ortiz, Alicja Ptasznik, Iva Lazarova, Natalia Ozga

Row 4: Michael Hazely, Hayley Savage, Angus Peachey, Mikaella Mousicos, Samuel Githigu, Clarissa Mitchell, Leonie Rogge, Leonie Rogge, Clarissa Mitchell

Row 5: Kousah Sahranavard, Lucy Kamau, Julita Kluz, Georgia Christian, Bethany White, Andy Ooi, Doina Pituscan, Austin Gyamfi, Christopher Samuel, Isabela Myrzglod

Row 6: Maria Marina Ortiz, Andy Ooi, Mikaella Mousicos, Teodor Cord, Sophia Danick, Natalia Ozga