Studio 3 – Crossing Cultures – Skills Exchange

Liveness 2020 (Archive)

Alterations: Belmonte – Studio Designs in Context

Isometric of the studio designs in context of Old Town, Belmonte, Calabria, Italy conveying interaction of locals, tourist and wildlife with designs. 

Group work carried out by; Anthony James, Ines Librorio, Harry Breeden, Sade Davies, Louisa Ling, David Ofori, Myles Albon-Crouch, Neil Palmer and Akaterini Pisti

Our aim as a studio was to rethink architecture in order to address how the responsible use of resources shapes our environments as ‘Skills Exchange’. This year, we have continued to work in the Italian hill-top village Belmonte Calabro, where we have been collaborating with the municipality of Belmonte, local stakeholders, migrants, recent graduates and postgraduate students from Unit 6 since 2016. And we have started to work in London, collaborating with Stepney City Farm on a project to reclaim land occupied by ‘Crossrail’ site works. Students have been provocative in live situations and shared knowledge with local stakeholders in the form of ideas, drawings, models and experiences, and through these, actively shaped local discussions and revealed new opportunities to initiate and empower change.

Neil-Palmer_Iterations_-Stepney-Green_Sketch-of-Proposed-Design-in-Context.pdf-Caption_-Sketch-to-show-buildings-use-in-context-of-surrounding-designs.jpg C
Harry_Breeden_Alterations_-Belmonte.pdf-Caption_-Existing-Detail-of-West-Elevation_.jpg D
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-18 at 6.59.44 PM.jpeg F
Isometric blueprint of the assembly of studio designs into the Old Town, Belmonte, Calabria, Italy and the interaction of locals, tourists and wildlife with these designs A
Ines_Liborio_Alterations_-Belmonte_1_200-Site-Model.jpg M
Aikaterini Pitsi_ Alterations _ Belmonte_ the belvedere site in watercolour.jpg O
Studio 3_Field Trip.JPG