Liveness 2020

Studio 2
Art and Non-Art

Liveness 2020 (Archive)


Leonor Salavisa-Teixeira, Human Moulds

Allan Kaprow described non-art as “whatever has not yet been accepted as art but has caught an artist’s attention with that possibility in mind.” From the readymade onwards, artists have been drawing on non-artistic materials and images to expand the field of art. At the same time, many types of cultural production are excluded from the category of art. This studio considers the boundaries of art and non-art, exploring appropriation as artistic tactic, outsider art, conceptual and immaterial art, anti-art and un-art. It investigates the possibility of working outside the institutions that define the artworld and the mechanisms by which attempts to do this get co-opted and recuperated by the art establishment. To do this, it maps the contexts in which art operates and looks at examples of institutional critique that seek to challenge these.

Teagan Charles_Pink Skies.jpg

Teagan Charles, Pink Skies

Student Work

Amy Tyrrell.jpg

Amy Tyrrell, Untitled

Nundni Patel_Experience the Inexperienced.jpg

Nundni Patel, Experience the Inexperienced

Sian Slade_Untitled.jpeg

Sian Slade, Untitled

Sian Slade, Untitled


Vika Samulyte, Untitled


Vittoria Gerardi, Exposing

Agata Florio, Fire Will Cleanse It All

Agata Florio, Time Stretch

Faith Beswick, Lockdown Performance