Paula Veleda Barea


Crossing Cultures is a project that aims to bring strategic change and foster social

development while teaching architecture in an inclusive, engaged and collaborative way. The

project was initiated, organised and publicised by a group of students: La Revoluzione delle


Tutors were invited to participate and give direction.

Exploring new form of architecture design, bringing undergraduates, postgraduates, tutors

and local authorities beyond the university space together to develop this live project.

Students are able to see the role of the architect as a service provider, developing new

initiatives with the attempt to bring more jobs and cultural engagement.

One of the main concerns of the project is the integration of culturally diverse migrants who

have crossed the sea claiming (in most cases) refugee status. In a number of ways, the

region has come to embody a frontier: for migrants and refugees from the global south

attempting to gain access in Europe; for citizens desperate to sustain their shrinking towns

against the magnetic pull of Italy’s urban centres; for architecture students and recent

graduates committed to redefining their model of practice and future professional role

through meaningful community engagement.