Preeti Shannon Tak

Life in the Decay. Video 1:19 mins. Shot on iPhone 7+ with macro lens. This video is a close-up of the Decay and Rebirth installation. Using a macro lens to replicate a close look, the viewer is able to witness the network of life contained in the jar.

My works challenge the idea of anthropocentrism, finding our role within nature rather than above it. The aim of my work is to make my audience appreciate the world we live in and to understand our own role in ecology as a human species. I am still learning about the ways in which the Earth works, as there are cultural, social and economic impacts that are sometimes hard to understand. By making research that is aimed at a niche audience tangible, more people are able to understand it, encouraging us to change our attitudes towards ecology and ultimately.

Decay and Rebirth

Decay and Rebirth started off as a terrarium housing a live venus-fly trap. Due to the conditions it was kept in, the plant ultimately died despite the efforts to conserve its life. Yet, from the decay, life was returning. This jar has not been opened since its creation, and is housing its own environment which hasn’t been tampered with human hands. It is intended that this jar remains shut even after the death of the artist, so that future generations can witness what an environment can look like when it is left alone to rebuild itself.


Preeti Shannon Tak, Life in the Decay (2020–). Glass Jar with live matter. Installation view

Breathing Spaces

Breathing Spaces is an immersive installation which offers the audience a chance to walk into a synthetic rainforest. The three domes are connected by tunnels, reflective of the chemical geometry of nitrogen dioxide. This chemical compound is prevalent in cities due to the burning of fossil fuels and causes damage to the respiratory system. Breathing Spaces acts as a solution for city dwellers to breathe cleaner air benefiting their livelihood, as well as reconnecting with nature.


Breathing Spaces/Nitrogen Dioxide (2020). Digital render of an installation This is a digital render of an installation which was planned for a smaller scale to be displayed in the studio pre-lockdown.