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Liveness 2021 (Archive)

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Marble Village by Varvara Moiseyeva. Studio: Rethinking Nature. Architecture and Urbanism MA, Level 6

MARCH is the first independent school in Russia that informs the new system of architectural education that meets modern international requirements. The School was established in 2012 by Eugene Asse and Nikita Tokarev. The School’s unique approach consists in combining original courses from the leading Russian architects and international standards of professional education. The School’s mission is to educate responsible, sensitive and sensible specialists who take active part in the global processes.

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Drinking Pavilion by Natalia Kalinina. Studio: Metamorphosis of the Mundane, Achitecture and Urbanism BA (Hons), Level 4

MARCH is part of the Universal University, a managing platform for the best Russian educational projects in creative industries. The School has been developing in partnership with the School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University since its foundation. MARCH students can complete all stages of architectural education that conforms to the international standards in its form and substance.

In 2020-21 academic year there were nine units across BA and MA courses. Among the design problems posed were metamorphosis of mundanity through architectural imagination, production of architectural form through exploration of one’s understanding of pleasure, what could the new roadside architecture be like and a rethinking of nature with architectural means.