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Visual Communication

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

The year we looked at the world from indoors. What did we see? A world we wanted to change, to adapt, to inform, to amuse, to enrich. So much in the world had to change this year and our students rose to the challenge and put themselves at the forefront of that change. New methods, new tools, new messages. All year, our students in Visual Communication have been exploring their own identities and voices, and connecting with the wider world in contexts from the intimate to the super-sized. Our students have made apps, brands, books, comics, campaigns, supergraphics and moving image work. They have experimented with techniques and skills from the expected to the unexpected. They have researched their role in the world and questioned value systems. 

We're proud to present on these pages a range of work by our students that represents an extraordinary year. The work has agency and energy and is made by burgeoning visual communication talents who we believe will shape the future of our industry.

Eliza Filmanowicz, Public_action
Eliza Filmanowicz – Graphic Design BA (Hons), first year
sketches of a boy in blue.jpg
Lucja Wolowska – Illustration and Animation BA (Hons), second year
2. Alegoría
Helena Sanchez – Graphic Design BA (Hons), third year

"Studying here allowed me to gain an exceptional amount of creative confidence and discipline within my design practice. The tutors were incredibly insightful and ensured I was fully equipped to excel in industry. Ultimately, allowing me to go out and build my dream career path and prosper in the field I find fascinating.”

Caleb James

Graphic Design BA graduate, 2019

“Technically savvy and with a well-educated understanding of design, Caleb approaches every brief with passion and enthusiasm. Always willing to try something new, Caleb has the confidence to articulate his ideas well and is comfortable taking full ownership of his projects with a maturity beyond his years.”

Employer of Caleb James 

Tony Proud, Graphic Design Manager, City Football Group 

Alba Garcia, Public_action See our Year 1 work

Illustration by Alba Garcia

“My time at here really helped me prepare for the transition from university into the workspace. Studio time was invaluable, I thoroughly miss getting stuck into a lengthy project and seeing it to fruition. The tutors also aided my critical thinking and problem solving abilities into what they are today; key skills that I am using on a daily basis and continue to develop.”

Noah Gurden 

Graphic Design BA graduate, 2019

“I was really impressed with Noah’s level of skills, which seemed more advanced than someone in their first full-time job. Noah has worked on a number of large projects with International stakeholders and multiple brands and identities, something he has been very comfortable doing. He has worked through some tricky briefs and tight deadlines to deliver very professional design work and is always happy to take on more work wherever needed.

Noah arrived at blowUP with a strong knowledge in design and is always trying to learn more. He has quickly cemented himself as a key member of our team and we look forward to seeing him progress through the company into more senior roles as he continues to learn and develop.”

Employer of Noah Gurden

Matt Huckle, Marketing Manager, blowUP Media

Jelena_Vukovic_Studio3_Thumbnail.jpg See our Year 3 work

Sugariezz by Jelena Vukovic

Explore our studios

3. Home is where… is Studio 01

Home is where… is by Giulia Gianesin

3. Sketchbook work - Lucja Wolowska Studio 02

Sketchbook work by Lucja Wolowska

Chloe Wheatley.2.jpg Studio 03

Exhibition design by Chloe Wheatley

Work Ready: Live Agency Brief

WR Winning Pitch, Designed Assets fo Agency Idenity Brand identity projects
Hyper Studio, the winning project