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Summer in Aldgate 2021

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

Map showing Aldgate installations

Summer in Aldgate installations

To celebrate the activities that took place remotely for the Aldgate in Winter 2020 programme, the Art, Architecture and Design Projects Office was awarded a City of London Corporation Stronger Communities Grant, to curate and produce installations at the Summer in Aldgate festival 2021.

“Summer in Aldgate shines a light on the wonderful work, creative endeavours and community activities which have taken place locally over the past year. The exhibition reflects on this time, when our worlds were turned on their heads, and explores themes that have emerged as important for many: nature, community, creativity, each other.”

Projects Office have been asked to design and curate four installations in Aldgate that showcase community making that happened in school and online workshops with local groups including: The Aldgate School, Age UK, YMCA and Toynbee Hall Wellbeing group.

The installations will appear in Crisis café, Toynbee Hall cloister and Wellbeing Centre, and Fazenda café.

In addition, Textiles BA, Fashion BA and Public Art and Performance MA are all providing installations of their work for the festival.