Liveness 2021

Studio 04 – Rattling the Cage

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

Fashion Accessories and Jewellery BA (Hons)

"In our world, here, now, close to us and beyond our grasp, a myriad of unspeakable things happens. Worrisome, pleasurable, shameful, enslaving, freeing, painful, and vibrant things that finally do not allow us to be indifferent.’"

What is Left Unsaid by Collective Caracú, Melanithros Art Space Nov 2020 as part of Athens Jewellery week


Our challenge has been to give meaning and function to worn or decorative objects that question the norms of aesthetic beauty and engage with metaphor and meaning for the development of truly ground-breaking contemporary jewellery.

Being resourceful about materials and process, preparedness to fail and a keen eye for what makes the disgraceful graceful were the norms for this investigation. Students looked at how we wear jewellery in the broadest sense and question why it is the way it is. When does jewellery cross the boundaries of taste and become disgraceful? Students appropriated current norms and tore them apart, turning expectations on their heads with exhaustive examination of the meaning of jewellery.

Working from the launchpad of last year's Colonialism brief students worked with historical reference with colonialism and colonisation as a starting point. How disgraceful can it get? How does the power of that word evoke and emote feeling? How can you rattle your own cage and those of others?

Our days included:

Mudlarking, Digging unearthing, collaging

Woodlarking, Scouring, scraping, carving

Soaplarking. Sneezing, wheezing and casting

Crushing, blowing, wringing.

As part of the project the students are working with the students from the University of Johannesburg online and the results of their exploration will be exhibitions both in the UK and in Johannesburg when the Covid restrictions ease.

"A ‘spectacle’ can be defined as a visually striking performance or display, as well as an event or scene regarded for its visual impact. Glasses are fashion accessories and performative tools – which affect the way the wearer perceives the world and the way that the world perceives the wearer."

Emma Collins – third-year student

"I am interested in contrasts that I observe in different materials and often select a material for its tactile quality. I make inexpensive element into precious through care and consideration. Besides working with precious metals, I work with aluminium, bone, paper, plastics, steel, found objects just as excitingly and find it fascinating to combine elements in innovative ways.

"Inspirations for my designs come from many sources. Human body, psychology, nature, architecture and my own abstract paintings, to name a few. I like my work to be thought-provoking and my pieces, conversation starters. Looking for and finding contrasts and patterns in many aspects of life and matter opens the potential for the most exciting and harmonious designs.

"One of the most exciting moments this year for me was learning new techniques of finishing that I successfully used in my final project."

Indra Bindere – third-year student

"This final project has taught me technically, digitally, emotionally and psychologically. Complex and demanding on many levels at the same time as endlessly entertaining, it has involved many of my personal circle and although my own work has been a collaborative effort.

"I feel that the issues discussed are relevant, and have considered them in an attempt to further both my understanding of the world and that of others."

Robert Ketch – third-year student

Aiden working in lockdown by Aiden King


Portfolio by Robert Ketch

Portfolio by Emma Collins

Portfolio by Aisha Khan