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Maria Rosamojo, Witch Finder Phenomenal (2020, film still)

The MA by Project is a research-based masters course. It offers a framework and support structure for students to pursue a project or line of inquiry in an interdisciplinary environment, where theory and practice are intricately related. Here, three students present work from their final year of study.

Maria Rosamojo — Witch Finder Phenomenal

Witch Finder Phenomenal is a hauntological darkly comic fantasy based on British black mixed-race queer ‘Outsider Artist’ Maria Rosamojo's autoethnographic memoirs of her lived experiences of growing up mixed race and queer in 1980's Harlesden. The Witch Finder Phenomenal narrates the story from the past, present, and future, to reveal how traumatised 12-year-old protagonist Aurora Mojo, played by Maisy Stewart-Holland, attempts to free herself from a nightmare world of racism, abuse, and dissociation.


Philippa King — Abject Icons: Trinity, Marginality, Transformation

For the MA by Project my research question, or quest, was to make icons - ways of representing the divine - that challenge the patriarchal and hierarchical images common in Christian religion. I used Julia Kristeva’s concept of the Abject to guide my journey along with the Queer Theology of Linn Tonstad. I explored this question through drawing, print, sculpture and photography. The work includes The Womb of God, which is a sensual labyrinth made of fur; Serpentine Labyrinth carved in stone, and the Queer Trinity. As Covid meant we could not have a final exhibition in 2020, I photographed my work in two different church settings and made a photo book; click on the image to see more. 


Caroline Hope

Using the lens of the 18 th Century tea table, how can object-making become instrumental in establishing a narrative space in which personal memories and replicated images from two paintings be combined to impart knowledge about the notion of English politeness?