Liveness 2021

Photography Year 1

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

The year 1 work shown here is a selection of zines produced by the students. The brief asked the students to engage with the idea of the Derive, a psychogeographic wandering, as a way to explore places, both familiar and unfamiliar, in which the process of making itself is the starting point for a creative research methodology.

Textured Scapes by Robert Bogdan-Roth

Take A Seat by Alfie Bungay

The 80% by Anna Conquest

Abstract City by Zoltan Dobos

My London by Lily Doidge

Towards the Past by Cristina Filimon

Sunny Side Up by Nina Ijomone

Beyond the Blue by Amy Johnson

Multi-Story by Kasia Kowalska

The City at my Shoulder by Therry Maltauro

A Letter to Miya by Lakruwan Rajapaksha

Musing by Kåroly Rucska

LDN VS by Oleg Savca

Tunnels by Andrei Smadoiu

Where I'd Go If I Was Home by Lauren Stothard

New Blithhale by Loren Taylor

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