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Art, Media and Design teaching is focused around two modules AA3001 Projects and AA3002 Techniques. These modules are taught through brief-set project and technical workshops to engage students in self-initiated projects and learning through practical projects. There is an emphasis on a thorough engagement with materials, forms and processes to extend practical skills as well as intellectual skills, such as observation, analysis, discrimination, discernment, innovation and creativity.

The sequenced structure of the course carefully manages increasing demands, promotes flexibility and encourages questioning, curiosity and independence. It is designed to support individual responses, initiatives and lines of enquiry towards a methodical, ethical and professional rigor. It encourages personal research, exploration and development as a means to bring individual interests, styles and specializations to the creative practices of specific subject areas, ie: imagination and experimentation as well as intellectual enquiry and professional responsibility.

The 1st term (Stage 1) starts with a broad range of short studio and workshop projects in visual imagery and practical making. These introduce and develop skills and techniques that are common across all the extended degree routes. These are followed in the 2nd term (Stage 2) by short projects that have a more subject-specific structure and input. The individual final projects in the 3rd term (Stage 3) are more close aligned to the BA at the School that the student intend to progress to for further study.

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Stage One – Workshop Projects

My overall experience, as. a foundation year student over the academic year, has been an incredibly rewarding and creative journey for me. From the initial Drawing Studies, right through to the more advanced Final Major Project work.

Remi Richards

I had the chance to experiment with new techniques in photography. It was not easy at the beginning; I felt lost and without ideas. I am glad I managed to join every tutorial; they have been fundamental and beneficial.

Serena Di Marco

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Stage Two – House/Home Project

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Stage Two – Transcription Project

I really enjoyed this project because it was a big challenge to use materials that I never thought about using, and the results were beautiful because it was one design I really put all my feelings and emotions in creating it.

Brayan Toledo-Salcedo

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Stage Three – Final Major Project Process

For me, the process is very important, not only for the personally but also for others that are interested in the project. So, when I go back to see the process, I can remember how I did it, and the time or effort I put in. For others if there is a process they can understand what the process is about and the steps that the owner did.

Stella Song

I wanted to challenge myself by doing something I hadn't done before. I found the techniques we learnt throughout the year such as 59 drawings, house home, thinking through drawing and transcription, handy as they aided in my ability to express or portray my ideas fully and bring them to life.

Eliora Orli

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Stage Three – Final Major Project Outcomes

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