Liveness 2021

Super Space
Visual Communications design

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

wall decorated with super graphic

Super Space at Central House by Amber O’Reilly

Visual Communication students provided artwork for the temporary wall on Whitechapel High Street around Central House, our previous Art, Architecture and Design home. The application of super graphics on the building site wall deter unwanted graffiti on the wall that encloses the building site.

Central House is currently being developed by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris architects, with London Met architecture alumni on the design team. Graphic Design BA and Illustration and Animation BA students worked with the team in a series of letterpress printing, photography, video editing, and screen printing workshops, to develop the designs.

The project ‘Super Space’ invited students and the design team to consider the site’s locality, its cultural history, social and commercial use and how the community connects with each of these aspects.

The final designs chosen to be installed in October 2020 were by Eleanor Beaumont, Amber O’Reilly and Emilie Zea.