Liveness 2021

Photography Year 3

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

The first is a black and white image of a suburban new build landscape. The second is an abstracted black and white image of winter tree branches with hand  made drawing mark making View exhibition

Untitled, Sam Calcraft and Mina Boromand

The work made by our graduating cohort exemplifies the creative diversity that we celebrate on the course. From beautifully made traditional black and white prints and digital stills addressing applied practices and fine art, documentary and theatrical narratives, to installations, interventions, performance, multi media pieces, CGI and moving image and sound works. The students have followed their creative passions to make work that addresses a myriad of concerns, issues and ideas. They deal with themes of race, female experience, memory, loss, migration, mythology, familial and community bonds and relationships, as well as environmental degradation, our treatment of animals, the boundary of the digital and the real, the effects of the pandemic as well as aesthetic concerns of humour, beauty, the uncanny and the abject.

Once again the Photography students are to be highly congratulated on their ability to respond creatively, critically and practically to making work within the restrictions of the pandemic. The quality of the work produced through this academic year by the students is of the highest quality.

The work is represented in our online exhibition Strange Days on the BA Photography course website.

Photography BA Private View of Strange Days, 22 June

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