Liveness 2021

Interiors Studio 2 Year 2
London Calling

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

Reception showing patterned lighting on the floor

Concept for Community Whitechapel Gallery, Ioana-Alexia Milas


The studio explored the notion of time and collective connections to the community, through three projects, redesigning the foyer and Gallery spaces within The Whitechapel Art Gallery.

Project 1
Interstitial Memory explored how personal effects can hold and evoke memories, and how the emotional and tangible and intangible elements can be expressed through a 3D response.

Project 2 and 3
The Threshold project and Community Space, asked how the community could be enticed into the building to experience the proposed interventions within the existing galleries, transforming the space into a community hub to inspire an exchange of life experience through a variety of communication devices, from writing through to art, encouraging interaction and forming bonds to the space, place, and the cultural context.

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