Liveness 2021

Interiors Year 1
Studio Conscious Connections - Vantage / Community Matters

Liveness 2021 (Archive)

Model of South Grove showing a gallery space

Model of a Gallery space South Grove, Melanie Foester


The first year Studio explored the notion of conscious connections through two projects: Vantage and Community Matters redesigning spaces occupying a Victorian Workhouse building in Southern Grove, Mile End.

Project 1 Vantage explored and investigated personal workspace and proposed small scale structures in the site grounds to provide alternative workspaces for the local community.

Project 2 Community Matters asked how hybrid, flexible spaces can provide for the local community to engage and encourage a sense of community spirit and communication. The scope of the projects responded to a community organisation and activities ranging from workshops, retail spaces, multifunctional and transformable spaces that can take place over a day, night, week or month.

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